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What is the Regional Public Transport Plan and why is it important?

We are beginning a review of the Bay of Plenty Regional Public Transport Plan with the goal of having a new plan ready by mid-2022. The Plan is important because it's the key statutory document for public transport planning and investment in the region.

The current plan has been in place since 2019 and we think it is time to review and update it to better reflect all the changes in public transport that have happened since then.

Please check out the SHARE YOUR IDEAS tab (above) to find out more about some key topics and provide your feedback.

The legislation sets out the purpose of the Plan which is:

  • A means for encouraging regional councils and public transport operators to work together in developing public transport services and infrastructure.
  • An instrument for engaging with the public in the region on the design and operation of the public transport network.
  • A statement of:
    • The public transport services that are integral to the public transport network.
    • The policies and procedures that apply to those services.
  • The information and infrastructure that support those services.

Share your ideas

Please check out the link below to have a look at the current plan and give us feedback about what you like or what could be improved on.

We are also beginning the review with a fresh look at the information on topics we think will form an important part of the new plan. Some background information on the first set of topics is posted below. We are keen to get your thoughts and ideas on these topics to help shape our thinking.

Information on four more topics will we added in the coming weeks. Make sure you 'follow' this project to keep updated and provide your feedback.

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Why provide public transport?

Why do we provide public transport?

Public Transport contributes to a wide range of social, economic and environmental goals, and a successful public transport system has the potential to benefit everyone, including non-users. The most liveable cities and urban centres around the world rely on effective public transport systems to meet the travel needs of their inhabitants of all ages and abilities.

Public transport supports the economy by providing people with access between their homes and the places where they work, study, shop, play and make use of community services. Public transport also has the capacity to move large numbers of people in cities more efficiently than private vehicles.

More people choosing to use public transport instead of driving, means less demand on the road network, and less congestion. This enables the people and goods that must travel by road, to do so more efficiently.

Public transport provides independence, supports social inclusiveness and reduces isolation for many in the community who rely on it as their only means of travel. This is becoming increasingly important as our population ages and becomes more diverse.

Public transport also contributes to positive environmental outcomes because many people in one vehicle produce less emissions than the same number of people in several cars. These environmental outcomes are further enhanced when the public transport trip is in a zero emission vehicle.