Objective 4: Public transport and land use integration

Whāinga 4: Te whakakotahinga o te waka tūmatanui me te whakamahi whenua

Policies on taking an integrated approach to the relationship between public transport and land use (particularly urban form). These include:

  • Ensuring planned urban intensification is serviced by public transport
  • Promoting integration between public transport and other modes such as walking, cycling and micro-mobility
  • Consideration of providing public transport services and infrastructure in new urban areas
  • Collaboration when planning public transport networks in new urban areas
  • Principles to be applied when investigating and developing park and ride facilities
  • Working collaboratively to explore the longer-term potential for rapid transit

Draft Target

Integrated public transport and land use planning supports well-functioning urban environments that enable all people and communities to provide for their social, economic, and cultural wellbeing, and for their health and safety, now and into the future.

Target: A minimum of 47% of jobs in our main urban centres are accessible within 45 minutes travel time by public transport from all dwellings in the morning peak in 2030.