Objective 3: Service and infrastructure delivery

Whāinga 3: Te tukunga o te ratonga me te tūāhanga

This draft objective area covers how we deliver public transport services and infrastructure. Policies that support this objective include:

  • Identifying contracting units for public transport services
  • Identifying the services that are integral to the public transport network
  • Supporting infrastructure quality through timely investment and application of best practice standards
  • Being responsive to public transport innovations and technological improvements
  • Improving service quality through partnerships with operators
  • Seeking continuous improvement in the reliability and punctuality of public transport services
  • Ensuring vehicle quality standards are met
  • Adopting a flexible approach to public transport vehicle sizes and weights
  • Improving procurement value for money and efficiency outcomes
  • Defining our approach to exempt services

Draft Targets

Public transport services and infrastructure combine to deliver a safe, reliable, punctual and high quality customer experience while providing value for money.


  • Reliability – <0.5% of total scheduled trips are missed annually.
  • Punctuality – >95% of services operate within 5 minutes of schedule annually.
  • Utilisation – 75% of services consistently meet the minimum patronage expectations in Policy 2.3