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Tukua tētahi tāpaetanga

Submissions are now closed. You can see what questions were asked in the submission form below or on the PDF form in the document library.

You are welcome to submit on as many or as few of the topic areas in the draft Plan as you wish. However, the Public Transport Committee is particularly interested in your views on the matters highlighted in the submission form. You are not required to answer all questions.

A copy of the draft Bay of Plenty Regional Public Transport Plan 2022-32 can be viewed online or at Bay of Plenty Regional Council offices. Page references are given in the submission form to assist you.

You can complete an online submission here.

If you have any questions relating to the Plan please email or phone 0800 884 880 stating that you have a question about the Regional Public Transport Plan.

Submissions closed at 4pm on Friday 29 July 2022.