What's changing?

Routes 36 and 41 will become route 22.

At a glance

  • Maintains school time trips between the CBD and Pāpāmoa
  • Maintains off peak trips between the CBD and Maungatapu
  • Reduced operating hours in the afternoons and weekends when there is low patronage

Please look at the proposed timetable changes for this route before you provide feedback.

Route 22 Map

What are we consulting on?

With new route 2 providing direct trips between Pāpāmoa East and the CBD without transfers, route 36 is no longer required. Options are:

  • Option 1 - shorter timetable. Last departure from CBD to Maihi Crescent is at 1.35pm, however there are services to Pāpāmoa at 3.10pm and 3.30pm that will travel via Maungatapu Road
  • Option 2 - longer timetable. Last departure from CBD to Maihi Crescent at 5.15pm

Dedicated school bus services will not change, however some students who take public bus services may be impacted.

Route 22 Options


Please look at the consultation document for the proposed timetables for this route.

Route Description

22 inbound

Bus stop on Golden Sands Drive, Wairakei Avenue, Emerald Shores Drive, Pāpāmoa Beach Road, Parton Road, Tara Road, Doncaster Drive, Domain Road, Gravatt Road (Fashion Island), Evans Road, Range Road, Pacific View Road, Pāpāmoa Beach Road, Sandhurst Drive, Mangatawa Link Road, Truman Lane, SH2, SH29, Taipari Street, Maungatapu Road, Turret Road, 15th Avenue, Cameron Road, Monmouth Street, Willow Street, Tauranga CBD Willow Street - Stand C.

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