What's changing?

Route 20 may be shortened to finish at Papamoa Plaza instead of Bayfair.

At a glance

  • No change to current frequency.
  • Shortening the route decreases the number of buses using Farm Street bus stops
  • Shortening the route provides better access to Papamoa for Te Puke residents.

What are we consulting on

We are proposing that Route 20 is shortened so that ever trip travels via Tara Road, Parton Road, Doncaster Drive and Domain Road, starting and finishing at Papamoa Plaza. Passengers wishing to travel to/from Bayfair or the CBD can change to Route 2 buses at Papamoa Plaza.

  • Option 1: Start and finish route at Papamoa Plaza.
  • Option 2: No change to existing service to Bayfair.
  • Option 3: No preference.

Route 20 - Compare your options

Route 20