What's changing?

Route 21 is mostly unchanged in this proposal, with a small route change in the Arataki area.

At a glance

  • Route 21 remains largely unchanged, except that it will continue along Gloucester Road as far as Hibiscus Ave.
  • Some bus stops on Maranui Street would no longer be serviced, however service is increased on Sunrise Ave and Hibiscus Ave.
  • Hours of service increased to provide additional trips between Bayfair and Mt Maunganui (6.20am to 7.20pm)
  • 30 minute frequency during peak hours and 60 minute frequency during the day.

What are we consulting on

We are proposing to change Route 21 so that it covers more of Gloucester Road, however this means that we can cover less of Maranui Street.

  • Option 1: Change route to go via Gloucester Road
  • Option 2: No change to existing service via Maranui Street
  • Option 3: No preference

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Route 21