The Bay of Plenty region is home to several harbours along our extensive coastline which provide an opportunity for a range of fun activities. We are keen for your feedback on how you think the navigation safety bylaws can be improved to enhance your enjoyment of our harbours. Please provide feedback on how navigation safety bylaws could be updated to improve our harbour user experiences.


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6 December, 2022

Julienf says:

Enforcement of speed limit for jet skis around other boats.

2 December, 2022

craigh says:

Tme to dredge the entracne to Pukehina and Maketu bars. perhaps consider puttting a groin in place to stop the build up of sand.

2 December, 2022

jimmyant says:

They are ok now

27 November, 2022

Thimo says:

Good as they are

26 November, 2022

andy_trading says:

Whakatane river should have a safe ski area. Maybe near the bridge? The rowing club boats already cruise that strip will over 5kts

24 November, 2022

porina_mcleod says:

No motorised vessels within the 5 knot mark at Pilot Bay unless belonging to a mooring, operator or used for an event.

24 November, 2022

Hiria says:

With the increase in water users, especially swimmers and paddlers, close the boat ramp under Mauao for the summer period.

23 November, 2022

matt_saunders says:

The Whakatane boat ramp is a disaster waiting to happen. The swimming area is too close to the ramp and accidents may occur if not addressed

12 November, 2022

SherylMcLay says:

Would love to see a marked swimming course set up in Pilot Bay, eg markers every 100m for the length. Better policing of the 5kn requirement

12 November, 2022

SherylMcLay says:

The requirement for public notices (events) is not relevant in our world. An archaic method. Websites, social media get to more people.

1 November, 2022

Boonies says:

no filleting fish off pilot bay where people swim, Limit with in the habour to be under 30 knots ,jets skies are a major problem,

27 October, 2022

EthanBoggiss says:

Get more ski lanes in places for people to water ski in safer areas with nice beaches to park up onto as well.