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So far, we have received 15 pieces of feedback on this topic. We are now moving into our second phase of consultation. Let us know your thoughts on the navigational safety bylaws on the Rotorua Lakes

Rotorua Lakes

We are lucky to have a variety of lakes to enjoy in the Bay of Plenty region. Whether you’re a keen sailor, enjoy water skiing or appreciate the natural beauty of our lakes, we are keen to hear how you think the navigation safety bylaws can be improved to enhance your enjoyment of the lakes.


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13 September, 2023

kuia_huhana_peri says:

Public Toilets are in the lake or close to lake Rotoma

13 September, 2023

kuia_huhana_peri says:

Flooding is a problem. What do we do, too scared to go on to lakes. Would like to travel streams to discover if anything is happening inland

31 August, 2023

Rhysvs says:

A Slalom course for skiing added to Lake Rototiti as there is on Lake Okareka and the Blue lake.

24 August, 2023

MitchC says:

Rules for efoils to be outside 200m from shore are impractical. More control than a winged foil. 5kt <200m of other craft/swimmers is OK.

1 August, 2023

nik_foster says:

More signage for the 5 knot areas and also clean the toilets every now and then

3 April, 2023

Jbollee says:

All boat users should dmhave done a coastgaurd Dayskippers course. Like a license. Many boat users at the lakes do not know the rules.

25 March, 2023

Scottmss says:

The 5 Knot zones should align with your maps/charts of such zones online. Currently they do not.

2 March, 2023

Shez123 says:

Relax the 5 knot zones please. Too many speed restrictions

7 February, 2023

lyn says:

Blue Lakes swimmers buoys to be made safer far too many jet skis using as a salom course over the course of summer

20 December, 2022

Courtisimo says:

Boat driver licences

2 December, 2022

Orca says:

Compulsory lifejackets to those in kayaks and other paddlecraft, unless in swim zones

27 November, 2022

Thimo says:

No opinion