We are lucky to have a variety of lakes to enjoy in the Bay of Plenty region. Whether you’re a keen sailor, enjoy water skiing or appreciate the natural beauty of our lakes, we are keen to hear how you think the navigation safety bylaws can be improved to enhance your enjoyment of the lakes.


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Tell us how you think the Navigational Safety Bylaws could be updated to improve our lake user experiences. Feel free to like or comment on others' suggestions! (max 140 characters).

2 December, 2022

Orca says:

Compulsory lifejackets to those in kayaks and other paddlecraft, unless in swim zones

27 November, 2022

Thimo says:

No opinion

27 November, 2022

matt_567 says:

Enforcement of the 5 knot rules, especially around distance to other boats.

27 October, 2022

EthanBoggiss says:

Stop water skiing in the owha bay because it up set all the lake front Bachelors with boats tie up go around the other side to play.

26 October, 2022

Ninjafishing says:

Enforcement of the 5knot rules