Navigation Safety Bylaws and why they are important

UPDATE: We have had to close the Navigation Safety Bylaws participate page early due to changes in project timeframes and the community engagement process. We are currently reassessing the timeframes and other aspects of the Navigation Safety Bylaws project. There will be an opportunity for stakeholders and interested public to provide feedback, including on our participate page, on the Navigation Safety Bylaws later this year (2022) once timeframes have been confirmed. Please contact Bay of Plenty Regional Council (0800 884 880) if you have any questions.

We are beginning a review of the Maritime Navigation Safety Bylaws for the Bay of Plenty region with the goal of having an updated bylaw by mid to late 2023. The current bylaws have been in place since 2017 and are reviewed by Bay of Plenty Regional Council every five years. We are seeking feedback this summer (2021/2022) and again next summer (2022/2023) to help guide changes to our bylaws.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council oversees maritime safety in the region under the Navigation Safety Bylaws required by the Maritime Transport Act (1994). The rules were established to help minimise the risk of fatalities, injuries, nuisance, accidents, collisions, and damage in Bay of Plenty navigable waters.

Have a look at the current bylaws below and give us feedback about what you like or what could be improved on.

We are also beginning the review with a fresh look at the information on topics we think will form an important part of the bylaws. We are keen to get your thoughts and ideas on these topics to help shape our thinking.

Make sure you 'follow' this project to keep updated on the next stages. First round feedback will close at the end of February 2022.

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