Feedback so far

So far, we have received 31 pieces of feedback on this topic. We are now moving into our second phase of consultation. Check out the options below and let us know what one you prefer.

Ōhiwa Harbour Jetski Exclusion

We are seeking feedback on removing the exclusion zone of jetski and personal watercraft from Ōhiwa Harbour.

Ōhiwa Harbour is a very popular spot for recreation. Jetski and personal watercraft are currently excluded from the majority of the harbour.

Unfortunately, due to changes in legislation. Council is not able to exclude any craft from navigable waters unless it is for navigational safety. This means that legislatively jetskis would be able to use the Ōhiwa Harbour like all other craft.

5 knot speed rules still apply, within 50 meters of any vessel or person in the water; 200 meters from shore or any structure; within 200 meters of any vessel flying a diver's flag.

This means that jetskis and personal watercraft would be able to use Ōhiwa Harbour, along with other users (boaties and community).

Take a look at the options below, let us know which one you prefer and why.

  • Ōhiwa Harbour Option One

    Status Quo (Current Situation)

    Leave the whole of Ōhiwa Harbour as a Personal Water Craft (Jetski) exclusion area. Due to changes in legislation the only way this can continue is through local (Whakatāne District Council and Ōpōtiki District Council) Bylaws.

  • Ōhiwa Harbour Option Two

    Allow Personal Water Craft (Jetski) across the Harbour with standard speed rules applying.

    This would allow Personal Water Craft across the harbour with all other standard bylaws rules applying e.g. 5 knots within 200m of shore, 50m of a person or vessel.

  • Ōhiwa Harbour Option Three

    Allow Personal Water Craft across the Harbour with standard speed rules applying with speed restriction to 5 knots two hours before and after low tide.