Feedback so far

So far, we have received 33 pieces of feedback on this topic. We are now moving into our second phase of consultation. Check out the options below and let us know what one you prefer.

Tarawera River Speed Uplifting

There are no speed limits for watercraft on the Tarawera River upstream of the State Highway 2 bridge. Health and safety concerns have been raised by communities who swim in this part of the river. We are seeking feedback on removing the speed uplifting rule within the Tarawera River from the State Highway 34 bridge to the outlet of Lake Tarawera.

This would mean that the maximum speed watercraft could travel in this stretch of river is 5 knots. The rules would provide more safety for people swimming in the river.

  • 2023 Tarawera River Speed Uplifting Option One

    Status Quo (Current Situation)

    Keep the speed uplifting in place upon all navigable waters upstream of the Thornton Rd/ Pacific Coast highway bridge.

  • 2023 Tarawera River Speed Uplifting Option Two

    Implement a 5 knot rule through the township of Kawerau – upstream of the State Highway 34 bridge to downstream of the upper edge of the Kawerau golf club.

    Identify the reach of the river through the Kawerau township as a swimming area as a passive recreation area (or similar) where vessels must go 5 knots in the most direct route through the area.