Feedback so far

So far, we have received 47 pieces of feedback on this topic. We are now moving into our second phase of consultation. Check out the options below and let us know what one you prefer.

Hunters Creek/Otapu Ski Lane

Hunters Creek is a popular waterski lane near Matakana and Rangiwāea Islands in Tauranga Harbour. Waterskiing is permitted within the zone outside of 2 hours immediately before and after low tide. Concerns have been raised about the present location of the ski lane, its effect on private property, and the health and safety concerns for people swimming nearby. We are seeking feedback on potentially removing the ski zone from Hunters Creek.

  • Hunters Creek/Otapu Ski Lane Option One

    Status Quo (Current Situation)

    The area of Hunters Creek, between Matakana and Rangiwāea Islands is designated as a reserved area for skiing ONLY between sunrise and sunset, except for two hours before and after low tide.

  • Hunters Creek/Otapu Ski Lane Option Two

    Status Quo (Current Situation) with caveats

    Leave the Ski Lane where it is but add caveats around increased monitoring and compliance; undertaken partnerships with other entities to address non-bylaws issues (e.g. beach landings)

  • Hunters Creek/Otapu Ski Lane Option Three

    Remove ski lane all together

    Remove the ski lane all together. Do not create another elsewhere