What's new?

  • New on-bus screens + audio to give better information about stop locations and attractions
  • A new timetable and more buses so they can stay on-time, operating hours extended to 8pm and more services on weekends
  • Changes to how buses operate around the CBD to make it more intuitive and easier to use
  • City Mall stop moved to Amohau Street
  • Wi-Fi on all buses • A free CBD-orbiter shuttle (operating every 15 minutes)
  • Some bus routes will be tweaked a little bit but largely stay the same

So what?

These changes won’t cost much but the new timetable will make buses a lot more reliable.

Moving the City Mall stop and changing how buses travel through the CBD will make using the bus less confusing and make the mall (and other destinations) closer to our stops.

Wi-Fi on buses is a real attraction for students and provides an essential service for adults who can’t afford regular internet access.

The CBD shuttle will make moving between stops easier and provide great access to the waterfront and hospital for those who find the walk to far or time consuming. It could be very handy for international tourists when NZ inc throws out the welcome mat.

how do the numbers tack up? option 2

What does it cost?

To pay for these changes there would be an increase in the rate charged per household averaging $9 over 10 years.

increase in rate
suggested orbital route