What's new?

This option would see an initial 2-year trial of on-demand bus services before a full roll out across Rotorua in 2024 or 2025. The trial would replace Routes 5,6, and 7 and provide access to the CBD, Fairy Springs, and Rotorua Hospital amongst other destinations.

On-demand services pick up passengers from the nearest corner or bus stop before taking them to their destination. The service would carry up to 8 other people but would vary day-to-day. Bookings can be made up to 30 minutes in advance and the average time you’d need to wait is about 10 minutes but you’ll be able to judge when you leave home to get to the allocated pick-up location. This is all implemented through a phone app and telephone booking system.

Alongside this service two Crosstown routes would also be introduced (as per Option 4) to cater for longer distance trips, such as those to the Airport and Ngongotahā.

map option 5

For information about on-demand services these videos provide a few examples from other places:

how do the numbers tack up? option 5

So what?

Key advantages of on-demand services are:

  • More reliable journey times
  • Your bus can take you almost anywhere, not just on a fixed route.
  • Shorter walking distance to stops
  • People with mobility issues ca be picked up from their driveway when required
  • During quiet periods we can reduce the number of vehicles operating to reduce costs and carbon emissions. No more empty buses.

What does it cost?

On-Demand Services aren’t cheap. To pay for these changes there would be an increase in the rate charged per household averaging $75 per year for the next 10-years.

increase in rate