What we're consulting on

In 2019 we collected plenty of great feedback from the Rotorua community about the CityRide bus service. We’ve now turned this feedback into some different options on how we can improve the CityRide bus network ranging from a no-cost approach to providing best-in-show, no-holds-barred options. A summary of the previous feedback is available in the Document Library on this page.

We now need your input to determine which option is the best for Rotorua. We’re taking a long term approach to this so there’s both long term and short term options:

In addition to these options we also have a couple of stand alone bus services that we could deliver if the community is supportive:

  • Around Lake Rotorua service
  • Recreational service for Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake) and Ōkareka during summer
  • Park and Ride sites

Between 22 February and 22 March Bay of Plenty Regional Council will also be consulting on Region wide fares for students and other groups.

Delivery of any public transport improvements is dependent on funding approval and availability from Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Waka Kotahi.

All rating figures quoted are in addition to the existing public transport rate which is anticipated to be $97 for 2021/22.

Why is Public Transport good for Rotorua?

Rotorua has been growing fast over the last few years, but our bus network has had a decline in patronage of 50%. This indicates that buses aren’t working very well for the majority of people in Rotorua who could be using it.

A more effective bus service would help us meet local and central government objectives for carbon emission reduction, reduce traffic, and provide more choice in how people travel in Rotorua, but to do this changes are needed.

Below is a bit more on why we think a better public transport network will support Rotorua:

Inclusive access

Many people in our community don’t drive and do not want to be dependent on others to get around. An efficient public transport system ensures people can live independently.


Having an efficient and affordable bus service ensures that most people have access to employment, education and social/recreational opportunities.


Roads are expensive to build and maintain while taking up a large amount of valuable urban space. Rapid growth in the Rotorua population and economy over recent years has shown how quickly we can run out of road capacity and the resulting congestion. A well-functioning bus network can take some of the pressure off and provide a chance for infrastructure investment to catch-up with demand.

Environmental sustainability

Most people agree that we need to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and that they would consider using public transport if it suited them better. Reducing the number of trips that need to be made by cars will reduce our carbon emissions.


Every trip on a bus also involves an element of walking and encourages people to be more active in their daily life, which has known health outcomes.


Good bus networks mean people can spend less time stuck in traffic, freeing their time for more productive activities.

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