What are fees and charges?

We work with the community to promote the sustainable management of Bay of Plenty's natural physical resources. As part of this work we manage the environmental impacts of activities through the issuing and monitoring of consents. The costs associated with this work are passed along to applicants and consent holders.

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and Building Act 2004 (BA) form the foundation of the majority of our work. The proposed Fees and Charges Policy (“Charges Policy”) sets out our charges under these Acts, and also changes to Charges under our Bylaws and general cost recoverable work.

Why has this policy been reviewed?

We review this policy regularly to ensure the charges reflect the cost of carrying out our work.

What fees and charges are changing?

It is proposed to increase most charges by approximately 15% to cover the increased cost of service delivery.

The key changes we are proposing are:

1) Include and increase Gravel Management Fees

2) Include Maritime fees including some fee increases including moorings and harbour dues

3) Updating some compliance monitoring categories

The are no changes proposed for the majority of Consent deposits.

The full schedule of changes is shown in the proposed policy (under documents). There is also more information in the Fees and Charges Policy Statement of Proposal.

See how the proposed changes will be applied to your consent here.


We want to know what you think. Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Regional Council welcomes your views and feedback.

Feedback received before 9 April 2024 will be summarised for Regional Council. Those wishing to speak to their submission will have an opportunity to speak to Council at hearings before any recommendations are made. The revised policy will be presented to Regional Council for adoption in late June 2024.


The key changes we are proposing are outlined below

Council is proposing to include Gravel Management fees and Maritime fees from section 7 of the Navigation Safety Bylaw into the Fees & Charges policy. We have also made some changes to the categories and definitions for consumptive water use. A schedule of the full current and proposed charges is shown in the draft Fees and Charges Policy which is available in the Document Library.