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Thank you to all those who took the time to complete the survey.

We greatly appreciate hearing from the tertiary demographic, and your input is invaluable for shaping recommendations on how we can improve engagement between bus usage and Bee Card interest for tertiary students.

With over 30 responses received, we're excited to delve into the data and analyse tertiary bus habits. Thank you once again, and please feel free to get in touch if you're interested in hearing more about this project.


Understanding public transport trends allows Toi Moana to best cater to the needs of commuters within the Bay of Plenty. Due to this, we are focusing on why the tertiary students tend to have a low level of uptake with Bee cards. It is within this tertiary group that the preferred payment for bus fares tends to be cash.

We are interested in hearing from you help us move forward and engage with the tertiary age group. Complete the survey and you will go in the draw to win a free Bee card and $50 concession loaded onto it.

The information gathered will support us with our research and will be used to evaluate and make improvements to enhance tertiary Bee card engagement.

Bee Card



Tertiary students have the potential to pay just $1.60 on the buses with their Bee Card. A student who consistently uses a Bee Card for daily bus commutes saving $0.40 per ride, could accumulate around $104.00 in annual savings compared to paying the regular fare of $2.00 per ride. However of the 137,961 patronages of tertiary users, 99,709 (approximately 72.31%), opted to use cash.

Understanding why the statistics and relationship between tertiary students and their use of Bee Cards in the BOP is the way it is, is fundamental to best cater to the needs of this demographic. The objective of this project is to comprehend the reasons behind the relatively low interaction between tertiary students and Bee Cards in the Bay of Plenty (BOP). This involves utilising previous and current data from the organisation and undertaking research to draw findings on the underlying cause of this dynamic.

The goal is to formulate clear and actionable recommendations for the Transport team at Toi Moana, enabling the implementation of potential initiatives that effectively target the tertiary group to engage in the use of Bee Cards. This aligns with the vision of cultivating a more informed and aware community within the tertiary student population.


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