The Environment Court has directed Regional Council to control dust from unsealed sites in the Mount Maunganui Airshed (MMA). In response, we have drafted new policies and rules that aim to improve air quality, health, and amenity outcomes and we want your feedback.

As part of this court direction, Regional Council was also instructed to include a new policy (Policy 12) in Plan Change 13 (PC13) which manages activities which discharge fine dust (known as particulate matter smaller than 10 micrograms (PM10)) within the MMA by using an iterative management approach.

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Mount Maunganui Airshed

Mount Maunganui Airshed

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New Zealand’s air quality is managed by the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality. These standards set a minimum level of health for a range of pollutants, including fine dust particles called PM10.

Based on these standards, each region also has a more specific set of rules to better manage issues specific to their area. For Bay of Plenty this is called the Regional Natural Resources Plan.

We update these rules from time to time to account for new science and monitoring and ensure they adequately protect air quality in our region. These are called plan changes, and the most recent one we have made to the Regional Natural Resources Plan is called Plan Change 13.

Plan Change 13 included new air quality rules for those who discharge into the air. More than 100 submissions were received. Council released its decision on the submissions on 12 March 2019 and subsequently, 10 appeals were received. All but one appeal was settled by June 2020.

In February 2023, the Environment Court released its interim decision on the final appeal regarding Bulk Solid Material handling in the Mount Maunganui Airshed. A further interim decision was released in October 2023.

In both decisions, the Environment Court identified that a broader air quality management approach is required in the Mount Maunganui Airshed. As part of this, under section 293 of the Resource Management Act, the Court has directed the Regional Council to prepare changes to Plan Change 13 to control PM10 emissions from unsealed yards.

The Court has identified that the cumulative effect of a number of small sources of pollution all need to be addressed, and that more effort by these small parties could lead to a big improvement.

Policy 12 is being developed as part of this process, and is focused on managing activities which discharge PM10 within the MMA by using an iterative management approach.

Image of PM10 particles


Submissions have now closed for Proposed Policy 12.

In line with Environment Court set timeframes, the proposed policy was open for public submissions until 30 April 2024. The Environment Court will hold a hearing on the submissions for the proposed policy, likely to be in June 2024.