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We are updating our fees and charges from 1 July 2021.

The main areas of proposed change are:

  • Bringing charges under the Resource Management Act, Building Act, Bylaws, and general charges into one policy
  • Updating Resource Consent monitoring categories and frequencies based on risk and impact
  • Updates to fees and charges based on effort, frequency of work and salaries
  • Minor administrative changes

The Statement of Proposal explains the main changes in more detail and the Proposed Policy shows all proposed changes from the current Policy with tracked changes.

Council will receive your feedback through written submissions. People who make a written submission can speak to their submission at hearings scheduled for 12-16 April 2021. The charges set will be in the Fees and Charges Policy which will be finalised in June 2020 following Council consideration of submissions.

We welcome any questions you may have, either through the “Ask Us” form below or by email to

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About Fees and Charges

We work with the community to promote the sustainable management of natural physical resources. As part of this work we manage the environmental impacts of activities through the issuing and monitoring of consents. We also have duties for Navigation Safety and Flood Protection and have Bylaws for each of these.

A comprehensive review of our RMA and BA charges was carried out in 2018 to ensure the charges reflect the true cost of carrying out our work. Changes from the review were consulted on and were introduced in two stages with the second stage in 2019/20. Council decided not to make any further changes in 2020/21, which was in part due to the uncertainties created by COVID-19.

We aim to achieve the right balance of who pays for the work we do and services we provide. Fees and Charges are set where there is a direct link between the work/service and an individual or business.

Monitoring earthworks

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